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Panko Berry Sweet Bread

Posted by denise fletcher on Monday, February 21, 2011, In : Dessert 

When I get bored, I start to raid my refrigerator. That's how I came upon a half used and completely forgotten pack of panko. Since opening it, I had wound it in an elastic band and thrown it to the back of the fridge where it languished for um.....weeks? Worse, I had bought and used up at least 3 new packs since then! For shame.

I couldn't bring myself to toss it as a wary sniff told me it was still perfectly edible and looked fine compared to some of the psychedelically hued, fuzz covered ...

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Sunflower Seed Bread

Posted by denise fletcher on Monday, February 14, 2011, In : Seed and Grain Breads 

Hubs reckons I must have been a bird in a previous life, on account of my obsession with crusty seeded breads. If it's not flax, it's pumpkin, or else millet, except when I remember to buy sesame.

It was close to sunset  when I realised we wouldn't have enough bread for breakfast so I quickly started filling my mixing bowl with flour and wheatmeal, only to realise seconds later that I hadn't replenished my store of flax or any other of my favourite seeds.

Thankfully, I had one  unopened bag...

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Yeasted Banana Cinnamon Bread

Posted by denise fletcher on Monday, February 7, 2011, In : Fruit and Nut Breads 

You know how everybody seems to have a wonderful banana (quick) bread recipe, I mean the kind made with baking powder or baking soda?  Ever notice though that there aren't very many recipes around for a yeasted banana bread? Why do you suppose that is?

I've been making this for a very long time and actually prefer it to a banana quick bread as it's much kinder to the hips and it's much more pleasurable to make (for me anyway). Do I really need to say too, that it tastes pretty damned good? I...

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