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Atta Loaf

Posted by denise fletcher on Thursday, March 3, 2011, In : Seed and Grain Breads 

 have a dream.  A dream of a beautiful, crusty, lofty, airy and tender crumbed loaf made entirely with wholewheat flour. Close to a decade of weekly bread baking and it remains a dream. Oh well, what would we have left to hope for, if everything were at our fingertips? 

My wholewheat breads usually contain no more than 40% wholewheat and they're very pleasing loaves, but I saw Indian style, finely ground wholewheat (atta) for chapatis and thought it might make a good, fine textured wholewheat ...

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Sunflower Seed Bread

Posted by denise fletcher on Monday, February 14, 2011, In : Seed and Grain Breads 

Hubs reckons I must have been a bird in a previous life, on account of my obsession with crusty seeded breads. If it's not flax, it's pumpkin, or else millet, except when I remember to buy sesame.

It was close to sunset  when I realised we wouldn't have enough bread for breakfast so I quickly started filling my mixing bowl with flour and wheatmeal, only to realise seconds later that I hadn't replenished my store of flax or any other of my favourite seeds.

Thankfully, I had one  unopened bag...

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Cold Rise (No Knead) Oatmeal Loaf

Posted by denise fletcher on Sunday, January 23, 2011, In : Seed and Grain Breads 

I was prompted to post this by  a few of the comments left during the last week. Some of you admitted a fear of yeast cookery while others professed a love for home made bread and make it often but added that because of time constraints, you rely heavily on your bread machine to achieve this. Nothing wrong with that - if it prompts you to make your own bread, I say power to it. But, handy as they are, bread machines have always left me cold. I never could get into the dump everything into the...

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Flax Seed Bread

Posted by denise fletcher on Thursday, January 6, 2011, In : Seed and Grain Breads 

I thought the bread I make and eat almost daily would be the most appropriate choice for my inaugural post. This is a very simple and incredibly tasty loaf, brimming with fibre, crunch and a rich, nutty aroma, and, by far, my absolute favourite everyday bread.

last year's loaf

It makes a fantastic roast beef and mustard sandwich. But really, this tastes so good, a whole loaf disappears within minutes, once it's cool enough to slice; just thickly butter slices of it and enjoy with a cup of coff...

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