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Butter Rolls

Posted by denise fletcher on Sunday, January 16, 2011, In : Enriched Breads 

Only a butter girl like me could love something like this. No bells, no whistles, no chocolate......just lots and lots of butter inside, folded through and just so you know this IS a butter roll, brushed on top, TWICE.

The mashed potato makes the rolls wonderfully soft and moist so it's really a worthwhile addition. Whenever I make mashed potato, I'll set aside some for making these rolls the next day, before I add any butter and salt. You don't have to do likewise; just stir up the require...

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Chocolate Brioche

Posted by denise fletcher on Tuesday, January 11, 2011, In : Enriched Breads 

When you think of brioche, you probably think of brioche a tete, with its distinctive topknot and beautifully scalloped sides, though brioche can come in many forms, including brioche Parisienne (logs placed side by side in a loaf pan) and brioche Nanterre (rolls placed alongside each other, in two rows, in a loaf pan). 

Being the perenially lazy cook that I am, I love the ease of a single, large brioche loaf instead of fiddly individual top knots, requiring fiddly individual moulds. This loaf...

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