My name is Denise and I love food, cooking, writing, music, travel, books, food photography, bad puns and really good bread. This site is my simple ode to the most beautiful and wondrous thing you can do with flour, water and yeast.

I strongly advocate sound knowledge of breadmaking ingredients and a solid foundation in the basic techniques of breadmaking, but my personal approach to the process is less technical and more instinctive and I am continually experimenting, learning and hopefully, improving. The one thing that you can't do without is practice; keep baking, especially when you are not happy with your finished loaves. 

I grativate towards manageable, unintimidating recipes that encourage even breadmaking novices to roll up their sleeves and give it a go. Bread machines don't appeal to me as I feel they limit your creativity and interaction with the dough, which feels incredibly alive and organic, once the yeast cells are activated and start doing their thing. I love standmixers as they simplify the process of kneading and leave you more time and energy to be creative with your finished dough. However, my recipes work just as well if you knead by hand.

Questions and comments are always welcome. I hope you enjoy my handiwork and come back often. For more recipe ideas and musings on food and all things related, please check out my other blog.



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